How to Choose the Right Fit Riding Tights

Welcome to the world of the original BARE Equestrian riding tight, where unrivalled quality meets impeccable style. While there are many imitations, the quality, design and style of BARE tights cannot be replicated.

Choosing the perfect pair of riding tights is crucial for comfort, performance, and confidence in the saddle. We're here to help you select the right fit and colour for your riding tights, ensuring you not only perform your best but look and feel good no matter where you wear them!

Why You’ll Love Our Riding Tights

At BARE Equestrian, we pride ourselves on crafting horse riding tights that blend high-quality performance fabrics with superior full seat silicone grip technology. Designed and tested by equestriennes, our riding leggings offer:

  • Full Seat Silicone Grip: Provides exceptional grip in the saddle, but isn't so sticky it restricts your movement.
  • Light Compression Performance Fabric: Ensures a snug, secure fit.
  • Moisture-Wicking Properties: Our technical performance fabric breaths and wicks sweat to keep you fresh all day.
  • Four-Way Stretch: Allows for a superior fit and full range of motion.
  • Strategically Placed Seams: Avoids rubbing, perfect for all-day wear and long hours in the saddle.
  • Figure-Flattering High and Wide Waistband: Offers great support and prevents rolling.
  • Phone Pocket: Conveniently stores your essentials and fits large phones.

Whether you're in the arena or out for a leisurely ride, our equestrian tights are designed to handle any weather and are flatter all shapes and sizes.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Understanding Compression and Stretch

Leggings with compression should feel snug and secure. If they simply feel "there" without any snugness, they might be too big. Keep in mind that they'll stretch slightly over time, so it's best to start with a slightly firmer fit. A good pair of horse riding leggings should stay in place as you move, without slipping down or rolling at the waistband.

Choosing the Right Size

There are a few fitting signs you should consider when choosing the right size riding tights:
  • Snug Security: Your riding tights should feel gently tight, giving you a feeling of security, without feeling restrictive.
  • No Transparency: If you can see your skin through them when you stretch, squat or bend, they are too tight and you might need to size up.
  • Proper Crotch Fit: If you see too much fabric gathering, they are too loose. If the outline is visible, they are too tight.
  • Comfort: They should never pinch or pull whether walking, at the gym or when riding. You should also not need to make many adjustments during tacking up, mounting or riding. If you find you need to, you likely don't have the right size.

To ensure you can find the right size out riding tights range from toddler size 2, through the children's range to a ladies size 20, ensuring there's a perfect fit for everyone!

Four-Way Stretch Fabric 

Four-way stretch fabrics are superior as they stretch both crosswise and lengthwise, providing full freedom of movement and maintaining their shape better than two-way stretch fabrics. Equestrian leggings made of four-way stretch fabric will be more forgiving size-wise too. This makes them ideal for high-movement activities like riding.

No Grip Options

We know not everyone wants grip in the saddle, and there are many who want to wear our tights as everyday leggings away from the stables. Our no grip leggings are the perfect partner for the gym, when working out or for those riders who don't need stick. Offered in a great range of colours and styles, we know you will find your next favourite pair of sports tights.

Choosing the Right Color

Classic and Versatile Blacks

  • Black Rider: Our best-selling and original tight, this is an all-black option for those who want simple elegance.
  • Black with Rose Gold: Black with a touch of high-end gold.
  • Black Glamour: A subtle shimmer for a classy look.
  • Pink Houndstooth: On-trend pink pops with a classic houndstooth that's super stylish.
  • Mauve Shimmer: A fun light shimmer perfect for purple lovers.
  • Black Python: A classic snake-skin design featured in a silver shine.
  • Teal Galaxy: Calling all green lovers, this shade is everything!
  • Stormy Rider: Our other original and best-selling style featuring a heathered grey insert that matches with any look.

    Elegant Navy

    • Oxford Navy Tights: A classic, timeless choice in navy riding tights.
    • Navy Houndstooth: Elevate your style with a chic pattern.
    • Old Navy: If you're not ready to take the plunge with a full navy riding tight, the Old Navy gives you best of both worlds! A black base with navy feature panels.

      Bold Reds

      • Ruby Rider: Bold and beautiful, the Ruby Rider is all class.
      • Ruby Rose: Adding a feminine touch of pink to ruby, these colours look gorgeous together.

      Stylish Greys

      • Granite: Perfect for summer and less heat absorption.
      • Pink Houndstooth: Adds fun with bright Barbie pink highlights.

      Fun with Leopard Prints

      • Traditional Leopard Print: A bold statement in leopard tights.
      • Black Cat: All black tights with black leopard embossed sheen.
      • Grey with Black Leopard: Our grey options makes a comeback with stylish embossed features, what's not to love?

        Competition Tights

        For those special events, our Competition Tights offer the traditional look of breeches with the comfort of tights. Offering traditional white tights for dressage, eventing and show jumping as well as multiple colours for the show ring in hunter, vanilla crème, stone and lemon butter, they feature:

        • Belt Loops: For a polished appearance.
        • Tailored Seams: Giving a professional look.
        • Silicone Grip: Full seat grip for superior performance.
        • Light Compression Four-Way Stretch Fabric: Offers the perfect fit that stays in place, allowing you to focus on the ride.
        • Moisture-Wicking: Keeps you fresh and comfortable during the harshest of summer heat or heavy workouts.
        • High and Wide Waistband: Figure-flattering and supportive.

        Finding your fit is easy with BARE

        Choosing the right riding tights is about finding the perfect balance of fit, comfort, and style. With BARE Equestrian, you can rest assured that you're getting the best in performance and design, tailored to meet the needs of equestriennes. Whether you're looking for stylish everyday riding tights, competition wear, or bold leopard print leggings for leisure, our range caters to all preferences and body types. Visit our equestrian clothing store today to explore our collection and elevate your equestrian fashion game.