Are you wanting to become the next BARE Ambassador or event partner?

We are very proud that so many riders and clubs love BARE and want our brand to sponsor them. We receive a high volume of requests and cannot always provide an individual response, but we can assure you we read every one and keep them for possible future campaigns, collaborations and ambassador reviews. 

Below is some helpful information about what is involved with being an ambassador, what we look for when choosing ambassadors, and tips for registering your interest with us.

What it takes to be a BARE Ambassador

We are always looking to support talented equestrians who live the same values as we do, as well as genuinely love BARE products. 

Being a successful brand ambassador is more than being successful at your chosen discipline, the role of an ambassador is to raise awareness and promote BARE by showcasing our products and sharing any exciting BARE news and launches, as well as upholding our brand image.

To become part of the BARE family as an ambassador, you not only need to have a passion for horses and your chosen discipline, but be seen to be working hard to achieve results. An active social media presence and following along with the ability to create content is a must, as content and social is a large part of what we do.

What is expected of BARE Ambassadors?

Our Ambassadors must be actively competing in their chosen discipline or have involvement with the equestrian industry where they are making a significant, positive impact. They must always conduct themselves professionally and live by our mantra 'be kind always.' Our Ambassadors also genuinely LOVE and use BARE products and usually have done so prior to joining the team.

Another main role of an Ambassador is creating content and posting to your social channels or providing to us to use. We understand everyone is different in the types of content they like to create, but whether you're a writer, video wiz, have a knack with an iphone during training or have access to professional photography or videographers, regular content is something that is required. It doesn't matter if you don't have the biggest social media following, what matters is posting or providing us with quality content that relates to your followers and our audience. Social media is one of our largest platforms with the biggest voice where most of our customers get inspired for their own riding journeys, which is why this is so important. Our BARE ambassadors play a major role in inspiring people across our platforms.

What is the application process?

We review our ambassadorships from time to time, although mostly our placements are full.

You are more than welcome to register your interest by sending information about yourself, your equestrian journey, age, location, discipline, current riding level, notable achievements, your social handles and why you would love to be a BARE ambassador to We recommend including something in there unique about yourself that will make you stand out. It could even be showing your creative side with a video submission instead of an email.

Please note we do receive a high volume of emails and cannot always provide an individual response.

Club and Event Sponsorship 

If you are looking for sponsorship for your club or next event, could you please email us with what the type of sponsorship you are seeking (ie monetary or product), to what value, the number of members in your club or competitors expected at your event, and any media kit or proposal for sponsor activity.