Revolutionise Your Ride with BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots
As an equestrian, ensuring your horse's safety and comfort during training and competition is paramount. BARE Equestrian introduces a revolutionary product designed specifically for Australian riders across all disciplines: the BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots. These boots are engineered with cutting-edge materials and features that provide superior protection, durability, and comfort for your horse.
The BARE AIR Advantage

The heart of these innovative horse boots is the specialised 'Air Ventilated' neoprene, known as BARE AIR. This advanced material has been meticulously developed to promote airflow during work, keeping your horse's tendons and joints cool. Proper ventilation is crucial in preventing overheating, which can lead to injuries and decreased performance.

Key Features of BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots

1. Lightweight Carbon Microfibre Leather Outer
The outer shell of the BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots is made from lightweight carbon microfibre leather. This material offers exceptional durability and strength while remaining light enough not to hinder your horse's movement. The sleek design also adds a touch of sophistication to your horse's gear.

2. Advanced Airflow with BARE AIR Ventilated Neoprene
The BARE AIR ventilated neoprene sets these boots apart from traditional horse boots. By facilitating continuous airflow, this material helps maintain an optimal temperature, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring your horse remains comfortable throughout training sessions or trail riding.

3. Airwick Drying Inner Lining
Inside the boots, the Airwick drying inner lining ensures that moisture is quickly wicked away. This feature keeps your horse's legs dry and comfortable, even during the most intense workouts. Dry legs are less prone to chafing and irritation, promoting overall leg health.

4. Shockproof Protection for Splint and Fetlock
BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots provide shockproof protection for your horse's splint and fetlock. The multi-layer construction absorbs and disperses impact safeguarding these vulnerable areas from potential injuries, while the while the padded strike guard further reduces the risk of injury caused by brushing or knocking against obstacles.

5. Superior Protection and Durability
Built to withstand the rigors of everyday training and the demands of competition, these boots offer superior protection and durability with strong, long-lasting velcro closures. Whether you're schooling at home, trail riding, or competing at high levels, you can trust BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots to keep your horse's legs safe.

6. Versatility for Front and Hind Legs
Designed for versatility, these brushing boots are suitable for both front and hind legs. This adaptability makes them an excellent investment for any rider, ensuring consistent protection across all four legs.

7. Multi-Layer Comfort for Your Horse
Comfort is a priority in the design of BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots. The multi-layer construction provides a snug yet comfortable fit, reducing the risk of rubbing and discomfort. Your horse will appreciate the extra layer of comfort during long training sessions or trail rides.

8. Ideal for Everyday Training and Competitions
These brushing boots are perfect for everyday training and competitions alike. Their high-performance features ensure that your horse receives the best possible protection and support, regardless of the activity.

9. Easy Maintenance and Care
Maintaining your BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots is a breeze. They are machine washable under 30 degrees and should be dried away from direct sunlight. This easy care routine ensures that your boots remain in top condition, ready for your next ride.

Available Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full, and Warmblood

BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots are available in a range of sizes to fit every horse: pony, cob, full, and warmblood. This wide variety of sizes ensures a perfect fit, providing maximum protection and comfort for horses of all shapes and sizes.

Brushing Boots vs. Tendon Boots

While brushing boots and tendon boots may seem similar, there are distinct differences. Tendon boots are typically constructed from a hard-wearing shell for further protection and impact absorption. They are commonly used for jumping as they provide additional protection against high-impact landings. Brushing boots, like the BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots, focus on protecting the horse's legs from injuries caused by brushing against obstacles or each other, making them versatile for all types of riding and disciplines.

Brushing Boots vs. Splint Boots
Splint boots are designed specifically to protect the splint bone from injuries caused by impact or brushing. They often offer more targeted protection for the splint area but may lack the comprehensive coverage and comfort of brushing boots. BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots provide a more holistic approach, offering shockproof protection for the splint and fetlock, along with advanced airflow and multi-layer comfort.
Why Use Horse Boots?

Using horse boots, such as the BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots, provides essential protection against various injuries. They help prevent splints, tendon injuries, and brushing injuries, ensuring your horse can perform at its best without the risk of harm. Whether you're training, competing, or enjoying a trail ride, the right horse boots can make all the difference in your horse's health and performance.

A Boot with Longevity and Technology you can trust
BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots represent the pinnacle of innovation in horse protection gear. With their advanced materials, superior design, and focus on comfort and durability, these boots are an essential addition to any equestrian's tack collection. Whether you're an everyday rider or a competitive equestrian, trust BARE Equestrian to deliver the ultimate in protection and performance for your horse. Experience the difference with BARE Equestrian Carbon Brushing Boots and give your horse the superior protection they deserve.