Introducing BARE Equestrian ECOLUXE  🌱  Revolutionising the way Equestrians dress...

Every year, more than 1 million bottles are purchased globally every minute, with 80% ending up in landfill. The impact on our environment from plastic waste is devastating.
At BARE, we are passionate about doing our part to preserve our precious planet and it’s ecosystems, and thus, BARE ECOLUXE was born!


Our ECOLUXE range is made from 100% recycled material, derived primarily from the pesky plastic bottle. We have repurposed the plastic bottle to become something stylish, that you can ride in every day.
Making choices for a greener future is something we all should do, and now you can shop your favourite riding apparel guilt free. When you choose ECOLUXE, you’re choosing a brighter future for our planet, and for that, we thank you!💚

What you can expect from the ECOLUXE range

We have a full range of ECO friendly human & horse wear coming soon! You will be amazed at the quality, fit and feel of the fabrics we have developed. It is everything and more than you would expect from BARE. 

Our initial range includes t-shirts, tanks, socks and SADDLE PADS! Yes you read it, we have revolutionised the humble saddle pad, the FIRST equestrian brand in the world to develop this product for you! We are so excited to show this to you. Innovation often just requires thinking outside the box...

How does it work? 

It really is like MAGIC ⚡ The recycled plastic bottles are broken into small flakes, ground into pellets, melted and spun into fibre and then knitted to make our custom BARE technical performance fabrics. Plastic bottles have never looked so good! 

But it doesn't stop there...

We are only at the start of this amazing journey. We have a range of eco-strategic goals we are working on, there is so much more we can all do to reduce our footprint on the environment.
For BARE HQ, the primary focus is reducing plastic waste. We have an ongoing project to develop compostable poly-bags (garment storage bag), this is a serious issue for every apparel brand, globally. We also have an initiative to introduce compostable mailing bags within our warehouse. Every step in the right direction helps our beautiful planet  🌱  After all, there is no PLANET B.